How many passengers can go on the boat?

A maximum of 6 paying passengers and myself (Captain).

Can we go past the minimum 5 hours?

Yes. There is an additional hourly fee for each additional hour (see Pricing).

Is the hourly rate charged per person?

No. There is a minimum of 5 hours at the hourly rate and an additional hourly fee for each additional hour per trip (see Pricing).

What forms of payment do you accept?

Is fuel included?

Yes. The cost of fuel is included in the hourly rate.

Are tips allowed?

Yes and tips are appreciated.

Can I bring my own alcohol?


Can I bring my own food /cooler along?


Do you have a Captains License?

I have a Captain 6 Pack License. This license is commonly referred to as a “Six-Pack” because it allows the holder to take up to six paying passengers and myself (Captain) out on the water.

How long have you been boating?

I have lived in Fort Myers for over 24yrs.  and have been boating for over 22yrs.

Will you provide insight into the surrounding environment during the tour?

Yes. I will explain the history and significance of many landmarks and scenery visible from the boat, as well as point out wildlife and interesting facts about the area.